Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

While trying to get a truly innovative domain name, more than 10 times I ended up buying domain names that the next person can’t understand without me spelling it up. It requires extra effort and is also difficult to remember.

And believe it or not, it’s a very serious issue. Either you are telling someone about your website or your customers are advocating your website to other people, and if every time they have to spell the word, it’s not a great name and it’s not memorizable either.

Earlier, I have committed this mistake so many times. My business and tech blog was earlier and it was very difficult to tell anyone — almost no one I told to about the site ever understood for the first time. And that’s when I changed the domain name by 301 redirecting everything to the new domain.

Now, I can add numbers to a domain name but will never get something that’s a tongue twister.

So, how to choose the perfect domain name? Well, I have some ideas and let’s see them.

Choose the perfect domain name

Your ultimate goal while choosing a domain name should be to choose something that doesn’t need extra explanation — you just said it once and people understood.

Modify the words

I think, not a single English word .com domain will be available today. Almost all the words you can think of will be already registered by someone.

But there’s a way, you can add i, o, u or other similar letters at the end of the words to make it unique. It will still be easy and memorable.

For example, rapid might become rapido, color might become colori, or backlink might become backlinko.

Get domains other than .com

Finding a decent domain as the .com extension is very difficult, but there are hundreds of new domain name extensions that you can use.

If you’re starting a blog, you can get a .blog domain and if you’re starting an agency, you can get a .agency domain.

For example, I got for my business and tech blog.

Add numbers in the name

While it might sound like a good idea at first, there are lots of big companies that use numbers in their domain name. The best example would be Andreessen Horowitz whose domain name is

Recently, I discovered a site called 12ft Ladder and the domain name is In fact, earlier I owned two domain names and

You can use any number like 100, 101, 99, 247, or any number that fits your brand.

Combine words together

Take two or more words and combine them together to get a unique domain name. Yes, the chances of finding a .com are still low though.

In fact, most of the domains are like this. For example,,,, etc.

I own a domain name You get the idea, right?

That’s it.

These are the rules that I follow while getting a domain name. I try to keep a balance between short and easy to memorize.

What are some domain name tips that you follow?

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