Be a Customer of Your Product

The best way to understand your customers is to be one — use what you created and see if you like it.

If you’re not a customer of what you’re offering, you’re missing a key perspective.


The products that founders created because they themselves needed at some point, definitely have a better user experience and have higher chances that people will love it.

Because, while it might not always be true but most people face the same problems that you do. Or let me rephrase, as a businessperson, your target audience should be the people who are facing the same problems as you. If the product solves a group’s problems, they’ll love it.

I mean, the folks who created Twitter also use Twitter. I am sure they must be getting ideas to improve the app while using it. From the user’s perspective, they can understand how to make it better.

But it can’t be true in all the cases, you might not be a fit for your product. A guy who created specs might not need specs, right?

Think of it in this way then, would you recommend this to a close friend or relative? It’s the best possible way to put yourself in the position of your customers and then get the “key perspective” that I am talking about.

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