How to Make Lots of Money, Quickly

I was thinking about how one should approach if they want to make tons of money quickly from the internet (without having a huge budget and a huge team working for them). And the moment I used the word “quickly”, most time taking online businesses (like SaaS) got out of this race.

Yes, my thinking on the subject is limited but here’s how I would make tons of money quickly:

Below, I am talking about doing all these tasks simultaneously.

1. Start freelancing

I’d start offering services that I am good at as a freelancer; join multiple freelance platforms, create profiles, and start taking up projects.

At first, even if I have to keep my prices low, I would take up work as it would be helpful for me to build my portfolio.

I would also create a website with my personal name highlighting all the services I offer. Later, the website would also be great for showcasing my portfolio.

2. Start publishing online

To be honest, freelance marketplaces are the worst for beginners; if you do not have decent reviews and ratings, no one is going to work with you.

But after joining those freelance platforms, I will not be sitting around waiting for any client to come. I would start a blog on the topic that I know well (and around the services I offer) and start posting on various social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Indie Hackers, etc.

For example, if my expertise is in SEO then I would post tips and other high-quality stuff (case studies, guides, etc.) about SEO on my blog and on my social media. If you’re a writer, let everyone know that you write and keep publishing your writing samples to establish authority.

Basically, my goal would be to advertise my expertise to the people who operate in the field and let them know that I am offering certain services.

Publishing online is the best way to make yourself known.

3. Start an affiliate website

No, affiliate marketing is NOT dead, and it’s not going to be, ever.

I would start an affiliate website in the niche that I am interested in and that is a profitable niche. Initially, as I would be creating all the content, it doesn’t require lots of money to start a website.

Even if I give just a couple of hours every week to the site, most probably it’ll start making some money (if the niche was selected after doing proper research and the content I am creating is of high quality) after 6 months.

It would take me at least 2 months to get my first freelance client and if my affiliate site starts making money after 6 months, I would have some extra money to delegate the content creation part (for the affilite site) to a freelance writer.

4. Scale-up everything

Apart from the three things that I mentioned (freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing), I would not be stepping into any new kind of business anytime soon.

It might take me the first 2 months to get my first client but I am sure, after being regularly active on social media, I would get a few high-paying clients from Twitter or Reddit within the first 6 months.

Don’t believe me? I published this one post on Reddit a while back and got one high-paying SEO client from there.

In the first 6 months, I believe, I can easily take up my monthly revenue to $5000 (mostly from freelancing/consulting).

Now, how do I scale further from here? Well, I do have a perfect plan for that too. Here’s my plan for after 6 months:

Since I have the money now, I can speed up the content creation process on my affiliate website by hiring more expert writers. Not just that, I would also hire a virtual assistant and start a few more affiliate websites in several other niches; all the work would be delegated to others.

Now, for freelancing/consulting, I would only take clients who are really high-paying.

This will keep going on for a year, and here’s my long-term plan:

After a year, I believe my affiliate sites would be making at least $5,000 a month. Now, I will slow down a bit on the consulting/freelancing part and start thinking about the bigger goal.

I would think of creating courses about the things that I know well about. And since I will definitely have a decent social following by now, it’d be easier to sell my courses.

And from all the work, I strongly believe that I would make at least $150,000 in the 2nd year, which is a lot for me.

Yes, it’s more difficult to do than to say, I agree. But it’s not at all impossible.

But how much I’ll have to work to achieve this goal? Not much, not more than 40 hours a week.

Also, please note that everything that I mentioned only works if you’re an expert in what you do. It’ll probably take a few months longer to achieve this goal if you’re a beginner.

That’s it.

See ya!

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