Plain Text vs HTML Emails

While HTML emails look great, their open rates and other stats might be worst than plain text emails.

However, it entirely depends on who are you emailing and what field you’re in. If you’re in the e-commerce industry then HTML emails might perform way better than plain text emails, but if you send outreach emails or even newsletters, plain text emails work way better.

Would you prefer to get an outreach email for a guest post in HTML format? No. I think the same goes for the newsletter emails too, the cleaner the email is, the better will be the reading experience.

It’s simple — if you’re in an industry where having an eyecatching visual is important, go for the HTML emails; and if you’re in an industry where people prefer to read a paragraph or two, go for the plain text emails.

Currently, I am only subscribed to one newsletter that I absolutely love — the eBiz Facts newsletter. And, I think the main reason is it being high-quality and clean (due to the plain text format). I mean, just look at the screenshot below, how clean it is:

eBiz Facts newsletter

Ironically, even though the email newsletters sent by platforms like Substack and Revue look like plain text emails but they are not, they are just clean-looking HTML emails and that’s the only thing that I don’t like about those platforms.

I recommend choosing plain text emails over HTML emails wherever possible.

What say?

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