You Just Rent Domains!

Have you ever given it a thought that do you actually own domain names?

I recently did and realized that all the domain names that I have are just rented by me, not owned. I pay the domain registrar (like GoDaddy, Namesilo, Namecheap, etc.) a yearly fee for that. And, if it was truly owned, I wouldn’t have to renew it every year.

Now the question here is, is there a way to truly own domain names?

No, not the traditional ones — you can’t buy the, or any other domains that we see today.


You can buy NFT domains or crypto domains for just a one-time payment. Means, just pay once, get the domain name and you get to store it for a lifetime (much like NFT assets) without any recurring payment.

I recently came across Unstoppable Domains and they are selling domains with extensions .crypto.nft.wallet.bitcoin.x, etc. The price starts from just $20 and you can store these domain names forever in your digital or hardware wallet.

However the catch is, right now web hosting for these domains is not easy and currently, not all the web browsers natively support these domain names. But Web 3.0 is coming and it’s a great idea to catch up to these from early on.

Recently, I have got a few of these NFT domain names and just keeping them for now.

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