Two Kinds of Blogs

There are 2 kinds of blogs:

  • Personal blog, and
  • Business blog

On a personal blog, you can write about whatever you want, without doing any keyword research. You don’t have to think about what your audience wants. You just document your journey, in a way. For example, this blog, that you’re currently reading, is a personal blog.

Whereas business blogs are a lot different, you write what your audience wants. You have to do keyword research, make content strategies, and then only hit publish. Generally, business blogs exist to promote the products and services that the business is selling. For example, Ahrefs blog is a business blog where they promote the Ahrefs SEO tool.

I have tweeted about this earlier that you can see below.

Not to mention, both kinds of blogs offer different benefits.

A personal blog makes you thoughtful, improves your writing, makes your thinking clearer, and helps you develop your personality.

And, a business blog helps your business be found online and reach more people. It grows your business and helps you generate more revenue.

To reduce the confusion further, all the affiliate blogs or the blogs from where your main goal is to earn money, also come under business blogs. Because those blogs always create content that their audience wants.

However, personal blogs can make money too, like rarely but yes, they can.

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