Excess Information Era

We live in an age where we are drowning in information. There is so much information on the internet that most of the time, you can’t really find what you’re looking for.

The internet is a huge pile of information and harvesting what you really need is an art.

Imagine trying to find a book in a huge library without looking at the index or without taking help from the librarian. You’d be lost and most probably, you won’t be able to find the book even after struggling for hours.

Excess Information Age

Now, you can think of the internet as several million times of the library, mostly unorganized. You can imagine how hard it’s to extract the “right” information from the internet.

Yes, the search engines do make the process easier but no matter how advanced technology they use, the search results can be easily manipulated (at least for now). Search engines show resources that most people are searching for or what the algorithm thinks fits your query, it doesn’t guarantee the accuracy.

And with the rise of content marketing, there are too much different kinds of information available on a single topic. Everyone is trying to explain the topic in their own way, it becomes difficult to decide what you should go with.

However, learning “how to search” for the information is an art, and it definitely helps you find the “right” information that you’re looking for.

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