Write Today, Edit Tomorrow

While casually browsing Twitter, I came across a tweet that listed a few tips to improve writing. Let me show you the exact tweet that I am talking about:

Writing Tweet by Kjell Vandevyvere

I thought about how I write and what is the perfect writing tip that I can extract from my personal experience. And it suddenly clicked to me the quote below:

Write today! Edit tomorrow!!

I have been following this for years and it really helps me create the pieces that people would love reading about. When you give the fresh look at your writing the next day, you definitely get better ideas to format sentences and the overall flow of the writing piece becomes a lot better too.

I loved the writing tip so much that I even tweeted about this:

Write Today, Edit Tomorrow quote by DeepakNess

And not just me, I have heard this advice of editing the next day from a lot of writers.

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