Adding Internal Links in Old Posts

After publishing a brand-new blog post, do you go back to the related old blog posts and then add links to the new blog post?

If not, you’re missing out a lot!

Just like inbound links, internal links are very necessary for your website. They don’t just help in the search engine rankings but also help visitors in navigating the site. In this post itself, you can see that I have added lots of internal links to other posts.

If you use WordPress, adding internal links to the posts that you’re currently publishing is very easy — just select the words or phrases that you believe you have written something about already, select the hyperlink button and start typing a few words. The old related posts start appearing and you can select the one which seems to be the perfect match for the selected words/phrases and an internal link will be added.

How to go back and add internal links to old blog posts?

Let’s take an example, you just published a post about “blogging tips” and you want to add links to this new post from older blog posts. How would you know in which of the older posts you have written about bogging tips or have mentioned the phrase “blogging tips”?

I asked the same on Twitter and people recommended using a WordPress plugin called Link Whisper which provides suggestions or even automatically adds internal links in older posts to the new post.

But I have a better way to do that, and works well for platforms other than WordPress too.

After publishing a new blog post, go to Google and search blogging tips. You will find all the blog posts where you’ve mentioned the phrase “blogging tips” and then you can edit that blog post to add the internal link to the new post.

In the above search query, adding the keyword with quotes will help you search the exact search query. For example, "blogging tips", you can take a look at the screenshot below.

Google Search Site: Operator

Don’t forget to add your website after site: and add the keyword that you’re searching for.

That’s it.

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