Increasing the Luck Surface Area

A person discovered me through a simple note that I published in Notion, and somehow, a post was ranking in Google for some keyword. He came to my Twitter and then joined the free email course at UntalkedSEO, and then replied to the first email of the series.

After this, I went back to that section of my Notion account that I don’t update anymore (ever since I started writing the public journals).

But today I opened the Notion notes database and it made me so happy, there are more than 100 notes that I had taken a few months ago. Here’s how it looks now:

A screenshot of my Notion database where I took public notes earlier

Cool, isn’t it?

And now, I realize the benefits of increasing your luck surface area. You have to give people chances to discover and reach out to you. Last year, I wrote a few posts on LinkedIn (I don’t update there anymore) and occasionally, I still get contacted by potential clients over there.

A message that I received on LinkedIn

What’s the next step then?

Well, here are a few things I have in mind currently to further increase my luck surface area:

  • Take topic ideas from the old Notion database and write more thorough posts on
  • Take good performing Twitter posts and repurpose them to be published on LinkedIn
  • Occasionally, keep publishing notes in the public Notion database

That’s it.

Apart from writing long-form articles for UntalkedSEO, that’s my plan for now.

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