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Blog Post Repurposing

March 28, 2021

Because just publishing blogs is not enough, posts should be distributed properly to reach the right audience.

Content marketing consists of both content creation and distribution.

And, blog post repurposing is considered to be an excellent content distribution strategy for your blog posts.

Blog Post Repurposing

A single blog post can be repurposed or remixed into the following types of contents:

  • Downloadable PDF
  • Infographic
  • Podcast
  • Twitter Thread
  • Quora Answer
  • LinkedIn Article
  • Slideshow
  • YouTube Video
  • Email Newsletter
  • Medium Post
  • Reddit Post
  • Pinterest Instructographic
  • Facebook Update, etc.

Not only these, but there can also be tens of different platforms suitable for your niche that you can use to repurpose your blog posts.

Blog post repurposing helps your content reach a new potential audience.

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