RRRR Framework for Content Distribution

I recently came up with this RRRR framework or 4R framework for content distribution helps you get more people to see your content.

Here’s what it stands for…

  • R = Repurpose
  • R = Redistribute
  • R = Reshare
  • R = Repost

Allow me to explain each of them in detail:

R = Repurpose

Repurposing is transforming the original piece of content into multiple other forms.

For example:

  • If the original content is a blog post, it can be transformed into a podcast, video, Twitter thread, eBook, etc.
  • If the original content is a YouTube video, it can be transformed into a podcast, blog post, Instagram post, etc.

R = Redistribute

Redistributing is sharing the repurposed content on different channels apart from where the content was originally posted.

For example:

A simple blog post can be repurposed into multiple short posts and published on Twitter, or it can be converted into infographics and posted on Instagram and Pinterest.

R = Reshare

Resharing is sharing the social media posts again to make sure maximum people see them.

For example:

A good performing tweet can be retweeted after 24 or 48 hours to ensure it appears again in the feed and more people see it.

R = Repost

Reposting is publishing good-performing content again on social media by making it even more informative and catchy.

For example:

If you know that a tweet performed great 2 months ago, you can rewrite the tweet and repost it with better infographics by adding more relevant information to it.

On social media, not everyone is ready with their phones to see your content at the same time. The algorithms prefer fresh content, and resharing and reposting ensure that more and more people see your content.

Moreover, kindly note that resharing and reposting are different from each other—resharing is just re-sharing the already posted content, but reposting is publishing the content again by enhancing it.

Update: September 3, 2022

I went ahead and published the detailed version of this article on UntalkedSEO, which you can check here. Furthermore, I created a nice infographic to illustrate the point better:

RRRR Framework for Content Distribution

That’s it.

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