My First Info Product

I have been writing since 2015 and also into SEO ever since, but I never considered creating an info product (paid one, of course). However, I recently launched pSEOos, my very first info product, and it’s doing surprisingly great so far.

And somehow, I would like to give most of the credit to Twitter.

I had my Twitter account since 2014, but I was never actively using it because I never really understood what Twitter is, what kind of content works, and how I can leverage it to learn and grow. From last year, I started using Twitter regularly as a challenge and kept sharing my progress and learnings. And slowly, I was looking at Twitter from a different perspective that I never experienced earlier. Mainly, I engaged with SEO, writing, and development-related folks—it was all wonderful.

At the start of 2022, I discovered the term programmatic SEO somewhere on Twitter, and the concept seemed interesting to me. I was eager to learn more about the technique, but there wasn’t much content available at the time about programmatic SEO.

I didn’t lose interest in the topic, though.

Over the following months, I created several programmatic SEO sites by working with Bikash—a few came out to be successful and mostly failed. And then I started to get a hang of what programmatic SEO really was. I kept sharing all my learning on Twitter and on my SEO blog, and people loved them. Moreover, I received many emails and DMs from fellow tweeters asking me their queries about programmatic SEO.

And then I decided to create the Programmatic SEO OS!

It’s live now.

Even though this is my very first paid info product, the response from the people who took the course has been overwhelming. I am absolutely loving it.

What a great way to start the new year! 🎉


I have sold the pSEOos (yes, the entire thing) to Ian Nuttall on Apr 26, 2023, and here’s the complete story.

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