Sold My First Info Product

I checked my phone just after waking up, and there was a message from Ian Nuttall offering to acquire pSEOos. I had no plans to sell, but this seemed interesting, so I immediately replied and asked for more info on what he was thinking.

We exchanged a few messages the same day and then came to an agreement. The money transfer was initiated the next day and Ian became the sole owner of pSEOos within 2 days. You can see his version of the story in this tweet.

But the real question is, what made me sell?

Well, pSEOos wasn’t the only project that I and Bikash were working on. We mutually agreed that we haven’t promoted the course enough (in 4 months, I only did 3-4 promotional tweets and sent 2–3 emails to my list) as we were busy with other priority projects. And given Ian’s experience with selling digital products, it was clear that he is going to take it to the next level.

And I think it was a good decision. Because now there is one less project to focus on, and I now have the time as well as the budget that I can dedicate to other projects.

Next, I will be focusing on my personal projects and keep learning new things as I always do. Yes, I started learning about and experimenting with programmatic SEO only around 1.5 years ago and then created this first-ever info product.

Cheers 🍻

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