The Beauty of Coincidences

As I always say that everything is a coincidence. Even if things go as planned, it’s just a coincidence because there are so many points of failures that can prevent something from happening.

And just like how our world is full of uncertainty, you don’t know everything. You can even say that you don’t know anything, and it will be true in most cases.

I wasn’t sure about most of the good things that I have done in my life. Here are some examples:

How I started writing:

I didn’t know that writing on the internet will be the thing that I will do full-time. I started blogging by reading an article in the newspaper that if you write online, people from different countries can read it and I just decided to give it a try.

A year later, I got to know that I can even make money writing online and 7 years later, here I am making a full-time living by writing online.

How I started consulting:

I do not regularly do consultations, but I have had some huge clients over the last few years. And of course, it wasn’t planned as you’d guess.

A friend said, why don’t you provide SEO consultation to companies? After that, I published a simple post on my Facebook account that if someone needs an SEO, get in touch. And to my surprise, I got contacted by 3–4 people and even started working with a US-based company.

Later, I worked with a few more and learned a lot on the way.

Built a simple calculator:

I started to experiment with the OpenAI API, and each time I had to take out the calculator to estimate the price for generating a certain number of words by using the API. So, I created a simple OpenAI pricing calculator for my personal use and my friend suggested that tweet the link to the calculator so someone else might find it helpful.

I did a simple tweet about the calculator and a lot of people seemed to like it. Later, I launched the calculator on ProductHunt and got a pretty good response from there.

Again, it wasn’t expected and I didn’t know what would happen.

Next, learning to code:

Next, I am learning to code because I am excited about building other simple tools in the future. I have already started learning to code and hopefully, this will unwind something wild in the future, or not.

No one knows.

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