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Projects I have Worked on

September 06, 2021

I wonder how many projects I have started to date — some failed, some worked and some are still under progress.

Today, I felt nostalgic and decided to make a list of every project that I remember or have a record of. Of course, some would still get left out.

So here I go…

  1. A blog called Tech Planet

This was 2015 when I first started writing on my very first blog. It was created using’s free subdomain.

I had terrible writing skills back then, but I wrote about some random things related to technology.

Later, I migrated this blog to

  1. A ClickBank product review website

I created this website to promote a single ClickBank product. And, this was around the time when I first discovered the word affiliate marketing.

Surprisingly, this was the first project that made me my first dollars online.

  1. A health niche affiliate website

Health was a very competitive niche (it still is) for affiliate marketing back then.

But I created one website where I would write reviews for various health-related no-prescription pills.

It didn’t quite work out and failed.

  1. digiTechnolog

It was a simple business and tech-related blog which did kind of okay. I published approx. 50 articles and was receiving 3-4k monthly visitors.

Later, I migrated all the site’s content to

  1. CosmoLyrics

It was a website that contained lyrics of all the famous songs out there. We (me and my friends) had managed to put approx. 2500 songs lyrics on the website.

The website was receiving 20k+ visitors per month but we shut it down after 2 years as we were unable to monetize it properly (also it became kind of boring later).

  1. Another health niche affiliate website

I wrote reviews of various health products out there. Almost for a year, it didn’t show any returns but now, after 2 years later, the website is making approx. $800+ per month.

And, the interesting thing is I haven’t published any new content on the website in the last 1 year — it’s an ultimate example of passive income.

Yes, once I had a thought to sell the website but people on Reddit made me realize that selling wasn’t a good option.

  1. AspiringYouths

I started AspiringYouths as a simple education blog where I wrote various informative articles for students. I worked only on the weekends.

I didn’t promote any of the content on social media or anywhere else but after a year the website started receiving 10,000+ monthly visitors.

I have not yet monetized the website but I’m in the process of making a concrete plan for the website.

Right now, the website has 30,000+ monthly visitors.


I really liked the domain name and bought it last year to have it as my main blog. I moved all my other smaller blogs in the business and tech niche to this blog.

Right now, the website receives 6k+ monthly visitors and I have no plans to monetize it anytime soon.

  1. DeepakNess

I started DeepakNess, which is where you’re reading this right now, as my personal website where I would put all the highlights and things that I’m working on or have worked on.

This website is built using Gatsby and is hosted on Netlify. I have kept the design of the website very simple and I love to publish mini-essays here.

  1. Another affiliate website

By now, you must have guessed that I love affiliate websites. In the past 6 years, I have created more than 15 affiliate websites and most of them have failed.

But I think I have 5 affiliate sites that are making me money as of now.

To be honest, I love affiliate sites because if done right, they can generate tons of money and that too passively.

  1. Personal Websites List

Well, Personal Websites was a complete side project that I worked on in collaboration with Bikash Kampo.

We collected a list of 100+ cool looking personal websites, created a simple landing page and launched it on Product Hunt.

And, we received an unexpectedly high response from the Product Hunt community. It received hundreds of upvotes and became the top #5 of the day.

The website is still up and brings a few hundred users each month.

  1. is a fairly new project that I have started to cover electric vehicles. On this website, I will be posting news and information about electric vehicles.

I am currently working on the website and I hope it will reach considerable heights in the future.

  1. Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes is a fun project that I worked on one weekend. It’s a collection of super funny dad jokes — just press the button and you will be presented with a new joke.

I’ve created this using simple JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; and it’s hosted on Netlify.

  1. Deepak’s Notes

From January this year (2021), I decided that I will keep a public note of what I learn and then I created this Deepak’s Notes where I publish anything, literally.

Posting notes is completely different from posting blog posts, I do not have to worry about the topic and length of the writings. I can even publish a note with just a single line in it.

This simple site is created using Hugo and hosted on Netlify.

  1. 100 Exposed

100 Exposed is another project that I have done in collaboration with Bikash Kampo. It’s a simple site where we publish huge lists only.

It’s created using Notion + Super and performs really good. I absolutely love the overall feel of the website.

That’s it.

These are only the main considerable projects that I have done in the last 6 years, there are tens of other silly projects that I don’t even remember.

However, all these failed projects are the reason behind the successful ones.

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