I am starting #NoAgendaCalls where I will be casually talking to people who are interested in SEO. Not to mention, it will be free (of course).

If you want to talk, welcome!

But what exactly will we be talking about? Anything about SEO that we find interesting, something like:

  • about the recent Google updates
  • about developing a robust content strategy
  • about programmatic SEO
  • about on-page optimizations
  • about technical SEO, or
  • literally anything at all

And just to be clear, I won’t try to sell you anything—any products or services. That’s my promise.

So, what’s my benefit?

Even though I have written tons of articles, I suck at speaking. And, I hope this #NoAgendaCalls will help me get a bit better at that.

But there are some other reasons for it too:

  • to learn some interesting SEO tips-tricks, and
  • to help people who’re just starting out in the space

So if you’re someone who would be interested in a call like that, book a meeting with me from here.

See ya!

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