Obsidian for the Rescue

I have been travelling for the last 15 hours and wanted to utilize the time by taking some notes. As the network connection is not stable while travelling, what options do I have to take notes without being connected to the internet? Notion? No.

Obsidian comes for the rescue here.

Even though there is no internet connection, I can quickly fire-up Obsidian on my laptop and write for however long I want. In fact, I wrote this whole post inside Obsidian itself.

I love Obsidian for some obvious reasons:

  • It works offline and all the notes are saved on the computer itself. Even if you don’t have an internet, you can still access all your old notes and take new notes as well.
  • All the notes are saved in the simple text format called Markdown and I can access everything with any other text editor as well (in case, Obsidian is discontinued in the future 😉)

Another thing that I love is how simple, quick, and distraction-free writing experience it offers. I use the light-mode as it offers better readability.

I also sync my Obsidian vault by using Google Drive so as soon as I am connected to the internet, everything will be synced to my other devices as well.

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