Getting Better at Writing

I have been writing on the internet for more than 7 years but it never occurs that I am good enough to take a writing project. I would keep getting the following thoughts, constantly:

  • It’s a bit different from what I have been doing earlier, will it be possible to create a good piece on the topic?
  • I think this topic would need an entirely different approach to writing, and I certainly can’t do it.
  • I will waste my time if I couldn’t get everything right after starting to write.

And when I am forced or when I force myself to write, usually, the writing piece turns out to be great.

Why does this happen? Before starting a project, when will I get the feeling that I can easily do it?

Probably, never.

And that is actually best for me.

Once, I got approached by a game-designing university in Singapore to write AR and VR-related articles for their blog. I was about to deny it but somehow went ahead and took the challenge. I was writing academic articles about augmented and virtual reality, which I never did earlier. After completing the final draft of the first article, I received feedback that the article was fantastic. I wrote some more pieces for them and gained a whole new experience.

Would you believe the fact that a few days ago, I wrote the longest article which exceeds 7500 words? Yes, before that, I had never written an article this long and it’s a wonderful feeling after completing the piece. In fact, I remember that I was hesitant about starting this writing project too.

Things you become comfortable in, become boring.

Yes, this is the philosophy I believe in these days.

That “hesitation” before taking up a writing project is keeping the spark alive in me. And I am getting better at writing.

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