Programmatic SEO

Programmatic SEO is a way to create numerous web pages with similar layouts and designs quickly. It’s like when you use mail merge for emails: you set up a template with placeholders, and then those placeholders are filled in with actual data when you use it.

In fact, programmatic SEO or pSEO is a publishing method that lets you create 100s or even 1000s of pages simultaneously.

Regardless of what tech stack (whether a CMS like WordPress or a custom-built one using Next.js) you are using to create your website, the techniques of programmatic SEO can be implemented on all kinds of websites. It might just be easier to do using one tech stack than another.

Programmatic SEO Resources

Below are some cool resources related to programmatic SEO that you will find helpful if you want to master the craft.

Strategy Breakdowns

Receive detailed strategy breakdowns of successful programmatic SEO websites biweekly.

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Programmatic SEO Course

Master the craft of programmatic SEO with the most detailed and the best course on the topic.

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Successful Examples

Get a list of 150+ successful programmatic SEO example websites that are killing it.

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AI Scripts

Get AI-powered scripts to generate bulk content right inside Google Sheets by using the latest AI models.

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SnapCloud – Bulk Screenshots

A script to take screenshots of 1000s of URLs in minutes and upload them to Cloudinary.

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Programmatic SEO Tools

A database of 80+ tools with multiple important data points for different tasks related to pSEO.

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I will keep updating and adding more and more useful programmatic SEO resources to this page. If you know a resource that should be on this page, please contact me on Twitter.