Laptops becoming Obsolete?

When I was a kid, I remember crying multiple times before my parents so that they get me a computer but couldn’t get one until I was 17. In India, I think getting a laptop only after passing high school is pretty much the norm.

But… that’s not what I am talking about. Recently, I asked my 14-15 years old cousins if they want a laptop and I was surprised that they denied it by saying, “everything that we need can be done from the phone itself, why get a laptop”.

Yes, they have their smartphones but why are they not excited about laptops/computers the way I was?

When I was a kid, we only had keypad phones in our homes and they were good for nothing if you want to browse the internet or learn something. Maybe, at the time, I used to think that only a computer could suffice my digital curiosity.

But that’s not the case today, everyone has a smartphone with fast internet access. They can watch videos and learn about almost anything right on their smartphones. So why will they have any curiosity left for computers? They already know things that I used to be curious about.

People have always loved portability and smartphones are way more portable than laptops, aren’t they?

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