[Daily] 2 Apr 2022; Organizing stuff in Notion


I noticed that I had pretty much everything very disorganized inside Notion. For different projects, I would create a different page and a database inside the page to organize the articles and other tasks related to that project. And, that wasn’t a very efficient way to do that.

From today morning, I started organizing everything by creating a master database for similar types of projects and putting everything in there. Filters and sorts were a great help in that. For example, I created a master database for all my affiliate websites, and here’s how it looks:

Organizing Affiliate Sites in Notion
My Notion database for affiliate websites

Yes, I have to blur most of the sensitive stuff.

Now, everything is organized and the collaboration process has become a lot easier too.

Not to mention, I am loving the new database-related update in Notion. It’s definitely better than earlier.

It’s the weekend and like always, I will be either doing nothing or some random internet browsing — it gives me tons of ideas to work on the weekdays. As you might have guessed, weekdays are no distraction times.

Happy weekend.

See ya!

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