#34 Building a Blog in Public – The Last Update

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📢 The update on Jan 1, 2023 will be the very last update for UntalkedSEO. You can access it here.

Hey folks!

I couldn’t hit the 10k target by the end of December, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. And I learned a lot of things, met interesting people, got some serious exposure, and recently, launched Programmatic SEO OS which is already doing great.

This will be the last update for the site, but the site will keep running. I and Bikash are planning to put a lot of content related to programmatic SEO on the site in the upcoming months, which will help us organically promote the pSEO OS that we have created.

That’s it for today’s update.

Happy new year!

You can read the very first update of the challenge here ->

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