[Daily] 25 Feb 2022; Hello world

Hello world!

25th Feb is the day when I officially start writing a public journal. I am sure it’s going to be amazing.

These days I am working on a side project where I and Bikash will be growing a niche blog from scratch. I am not going to reveal the name as of now but it’s interesting and it’s going to be groundbreaking. I can sense that.

Other than that, I am thinking of turning my main blog compile.blog into a complete affiliate site where I would be reviewing various online tools. Earlier I had no plans for the blog to monetize it in any way, it was just a side project where I would be writing random tech and business-related articles whenever I wanted. But now I am loving this new plan, and let’s see how it goes.

From today, I have also started to use Logseq as a note-taking and personal knowledge management (PKM) system. I am still using Obsidian for writing articles though.

Today’s plan is to write 2 new articles which I am sure I am going to do before the day ends.

See ya!

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