[Daily] 18 Jul 2022; Backlinks sprint

I am lazy when it comes to about creating powerful backlinks, but not anymore.

Starting from this week, I will be starting a backlink outreach campaign for Untalked SEO as well as for the affiliate websites. For Untalked SEO, I will reach out to other relevant SEO blogs in the industry and ask them for guest posts. And for affiliate websites, I don’t think this guest post method will work, I will have to figure out something else.

Paid links? Maybe. Will see.

For the guest post outreach, I will have to come up with a solid pitch and a well-written email template.

Today, I will be consuming lots of content about how to create powerful content briefs. Bikash has created a whole database containing links and resources related to creating content briefs, I will be going through all of that.

Let’s see how everything goes.

See ya!

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