[Daily] 21 Aug 2022; My best habits so far

I have tried to adapt to so many habits over the past few years, but the best habits that I have adapted are—daily public journal writing and planning my days in advance. And I am so grateful that I chose these habits.

From the daily public journal writing habit, the benefits I get are:

  • A sense of time and progress
  • Improved writing
  • Improved knowledge
  • Better views on life
  • Better understanding of business, etc.

And the benefits that I get from my planning my days in advance habit are:

  • No rush
  • Enough time for everything
  • Working for fewer hours to get the same work done
  • Better outcomes
  • Lots of time to think, etc.

And the best thing is, I am sticking to these habits without failing even after months. In fact, the situation is that I can’t even live a day without writing anything—in a way, it has become an important part of my daily routine.

Today, I am doing a bit of thinking and planning for the content planning and strategy pack for UntalkedSEO. Let’s see how it goes.

See ya!

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