[Daily] 6 Apr 2022; Creating a system

I am convinced that if you’re trying to do something for a long time, consistently, then you have to create a system around it to make the whole process easier. If the task takes the same amount of time and effort even after days of working on it, probably you’re doing it wrong.

I was doing the same! Even though I am writing or rather blogging for more than 7 years now, I didn’t have a system till the last year, I didn’t track anything, and everything was messy.

But from the start of this year, I understood the problem and am working towards making a system for content creation for each of my projects. And now, that I have a system, things are a lot easier than they used to be back in the days. I am working fewer hours but getting more done now.

For example, for Untalked SEO, I have created a Notion dashboard of all the posts that are planned and have been published on the site. Every morning when I open my laptop, I immediately know what I have to do today without wasting any time.

The best thing is, that the content formats are also specified for different kinds of content which makes it even easier to research and create content.

Not just that, I have even a proper system for sharing the weekly updates about the site. I have everything pre-planned about where and when I have to share.

I am working towards simplifying the process even further and I’m very hopeful about it.

Today, I am working on creating a system for backlink outreach for Untalked SEO.

Also, planning the 7-day email course for the same site.

See ya!

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