[Daily] 7 Jun 2022; Understanding Twitter

While Twitter is great for connecting with like-minded people and learning their tips and tricks, it’s often difficult to get your tweets to be seen by enough people that it deserves.

But I think, I am beginning to understand what works and what doesn’t. My recent tweets are performing better than my older tweets and some of the reasons that I could think of are:

  • the recent tweets are a kind of unique and wow kinda tweet
  • they are short, precise, and well written and have no links
  • the timing of the tweets is better than earlier, one around 9 pm and one around 8 am

And some things that I will be doing from now on are:

  • tweet only if there is something interesting that people will like
  • time the tweets in a better way
  • include images wherever possible

Another tweet that performed well is the one that I tweeted yesterday:

Cool, isn’t it?

Today, I will be writing 2 articles which has all planned and outlined yesterday. I just have to do some research and start writing. It won’t need much research though as I know already about the topic.

See ya!

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