[Daily] 11 Jul 2022; Google Search Operator for the win

There are tons of interesting applications of Google Search Operators that you can use for the various SEO tasks. Recently, I discovered a use case which lets you pursue unlinked mentions and get them converted as backlinks.

I have tweeted about it recently.

The exact search operator that’s explained in the above tweet is:

intext:"Brand Name" -yourwebsite.com -facebook.com -twitter.com -linkedin.com

The intext: operator helps you search the exact brand name that you put inside double quotes. And the minus (–) is used to filter out the results.


These filters filter out the results from your own website and the social media sites. You can add other filters like -linkedin.com, -pinterest.com, etc.

At 7am today, I had a meeting with a client who was looking for complete SEO related services for the new content site that they are starting. Nothing is decided yet, but we have to provide a quote by tomorrow and let’s see if anything works out between us. I am only working on it because it’s fascinating and there are countless things that can be done.

Apart from this, I would be doing lots of writing today and then making some plans for the upcoming months.

I will also be planning for the new content strategy service that we will be providing under Untalked SEO.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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