[Daily] 22 Mar 2022; Changing the approach

As I have mentioned a few times earlier that I am growing a blog in public to 10k monthly visitors by the end of this year, I am having difficulty in creating high-quality “guides” for the blog.

Last week, I shared the screenshot of the outline of the topic on Twitter and got a few responses asking to send the link after it’s finished. I think that’s the reason I am over-conscious and trying to make it the “best” guide available on the internet. It’s taking too much time to finish the guide.

I am trying to be a perfectionist so much that I have forgotten my own quote…

Imperfect blog posts are better than no blog posts.


But now, I understand that and I will have a different approach for creating these kinds of detailed guides. I will first, create the first draft by keeping in mind the absolute beginners who have no idea about it, and then I will add detailed sections for the experts in the second draft. This will definitely speed up the process.

Being said that, today I will complete the guide at any cost.

Wish me luck.

See ya!

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