#12 Building a Blog in Public – Email Course is Ready, Finally

Hey folks!

It took more than 2 weeks but the 7-day SEO email course that we were working on is finally complete. The writing was completed by Friday last week, then we spent the last few days creating graphics, taking necessary screenshots, and testing the automation in Mailerlite.

Now, everything is working!

If you head over to Untalked SEO and get the course by putting your email, you’ll automatically be added to the list and start receiving those SEO emails for the next 7 days.

Let me show you some screenshots of how everything is set up.

Here’s how everything is organized in Notion:

Notion dashboard of the email course

Here are the recent stats from the Mailerlite dashboard:

Mailerlite email stats

Going well so far!

Apart from this, I’m getting Twitter DMs from people thanking me for writing the Programmatic SEO Guide and it makes me very happy and excited. I even shared the screenshot of a DM in the previous update.

Impressions and clicks are rising in the Google Search Console, which is good. Here’s how the graphs look right now…


Next, we plan to put more Programmatic SEO-related content on the site. Right now, there’s only one guide but after seeing the response, we’re definitely going to put more content on the topic.

In fact, I have figured out how to create 1000s of pages using code too. It’s working perfectly fine but it’s still a messy process and I’m experimenting with it to make it more streamlined.

Let’s see how it goes.

You can see other updates below:

See ya!

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