#20 Building a Blog in Public – Content Planning Service

Hey folks!

It’s the 20th week since we started building and growing Untalked SEO in public, and the progress is satisfactory so far. We are struggling to publish new content consistently as there are a few other priority projects that I and Bikash are working on.

But… we are planning to launch a content planning service through Untalked SEO where we will be providing product-led content marketing services to businesses. The clients will be provided a complete dashboard with a list of blog topics (with detailed outline) and along with other important researched items. They can quickly get started with creating content after that.

We are still developing the idea and expecting it to be functional by the end of this month. But I am very excited about this as it’s going to be very useful for small businesses which don’t have a dedicated content research team.

As this is our priority for now, publishing of the massive guide that I was writing is delayed by a bit.

The site is showing an upward trend in the Google Search Console, as you can see in the screenshot below.

And recently, the email subscription rate has increased by a bit too. I hope it will continue its course.

That’s it for the week.

You can see other updates below:

See ya!

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