#18 Building a Blog in Public – Writing Another Massive Guide

Hey folks!

It’s the 18th week since I started the challenge of creating and growing the blog in public, and everything is going well so far. Even though we’re still at 6% of the target monthly traffic, I’m still hopeful of hitting the challenge.

As I reported previously that we will be focusing more on the programmatic SEO content on the site, and we’re doing that. The aim is to cover all the possible doubts and pain points that the reader might have about the subject.

But… we’re also creating massive guides on the topics like “dental SEO”, you can see the current outline in the screenshot below. I have already written the checked items in the screenshot.

I’m taking it slow so it might take another 4-5 days to be completed and it’ll probably be around 3500-4000 words long.

For this, again, the strategy would be the same — publish a detailed guide and then write tens of short articles forming clusters.

Apart from that, the site is growing at a decent rate. If you take a look at the impressions from the start, the growth is upward which is a good sign.

After the next 1-2 weeks, Bikash and I are also planning to start the guest post outreach process.

Let’s see how everything goes.

That’s it for the week.

You can see the other updates below:

See ya!

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