#5 Building a Blog in Public – Applying a New Approach

Hey folks!

It’s been more than a month since I started the building and growing a blog to 10k challenge and it’s going well so far. Last week, we published a massive 4000-word guide on Programmatic SEO. And to my surprise, the guide is already ranking on the first page for the “Programmatic SEO Guide” keyword, as you can see in the below screenshot.

Untalked SEO Ranking on 8th in Google
Untalked SEO ranking at 8th position in Google

Apart from this, we are changing our approach to the site! As our goal is to reach 10k visitors by the end of 2022, we need to publish content that gets visitors. From now on, we’ll publish only 2-3 massive guides every month and 8-10 short, targeted posts that are easier to create and bring traffic.

Creating the Programmatic SEO guide took me more than 20 hours of work (excluding Bikash’s research work) and long-form content is great to establish authority on the subject and will also get me backlinks. But in that 20 hours, I can publish 5-6 short posts targeting to bring more visitors. So the goal here, from now on, will be to keep a balance between these two types of content.

2022 Voice Search Stats post on Untalked SEO

We’re making a solid process to further ease up the content creation process. For example, we published a post about the recent voice search stats (see the above screenshot) a while back and now thinking of publishing more and more of these kinds of blog posts — email marketing stats, PPC advertising stats, etc. And now, that a format is already there, think how easy it will be to create the next post in that format — it’ll be easier to collect data and it’ll be easier to design the page and hit publish.

Apart from the upcoming plans, Untalked SEO has got 14 clicks and 272 impressions in Google Search Console as of now.

Untalked SEO GSC Report

That’s pretty much it for the week.

You can see other updates below:

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