#19 Building a Blog in Public – Programmatic SEO Knowledge Base

Hey folks!

It’s the 19th week since we started the challenge of hitting 10k monthly visitors by the end of 2022. For now, we are far from hitting the target but I am still very hopeful about this.

After the programmatic SEO guide that I wrote a few weeks ago, I received several emails and DMs on Twitter from people asking for more information about programmatic SEO. A few people asked if I have a programmatic SEO course and if I create one, they will be interested to buy.

Well, for now, I do have the capabilities to create a full course, but I decided to create a programmatic SEO knowledge base where I will provide:

  • tools for programmatic SEO
  • case studies
  • tutorials to do pSEO on WordPress (screencast)
  • live creation of several pSEO sites (screencast)
  • good resources related to pSEO
  • ideas to implement pSEO for affiliate sites
  • tons of ideas and ways to quickly get started
  • good and bad practices
  • info on avoiding Google penalties, etc.

As of now, I haven’t even created the outline but I am all prepared to give this a go.

I will be spending more than 100 hours on it, so most probably it will be a paid product that I will create in Notion and offer via Gumroad. Also, I am thinking of offering a 50% discount for people who are already subscribed to our 7-day SEO email course.

Apart from that, the site is performing well in the search as it should.

Here’s a screenshot from Google Analytics:

So that’s it for this week’s update.

You can see the other updates below:

See ya!

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