#7 Building a Blog in Public – The Organic Growth Continues

Hey folks!

It’s the 7th week since we started the challenge of growing a blog in public to 10k monthly visitors by the end of 2022. We haven’t been able to give it enough time in the last few weeks — we’ve been very slow at publishing and also, backlink outreach is delayed too. But I am still hopeful that we’ll hit the target!

The website has completed 30 organic clicks in the last 28 days. I received the email about it from Google Search Console which looks like the screenshot below:

Progress email from GSC
A screenshot of the email from Google Search Console

Even though we are not actively promoting the newsletter or the site in any way, we have still got 9 subscribers. It feels good. Also, I saw some people tweeting links from the site without me or Bikash telling them. Great!

This week, we are working hard toward creating the email course. It might not be completed by this week itself but we’re on it, we’re working on it.

Not much for this week.

You can see other updates below:

See ya!

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