Update #2 – Building a Blog in Public

Hey folks!

It’s been a week since the last (and first) update about building a blog in public. And we haven’t quit, yet. Bikash is still doing all the research and I am still writing all the content.

Yes, the writing process has been a bit slow this week but it’s going on.

Let’s take a look at the progress so far:

  • I have added the email subscription setup on the homepage, now visitors can easily subscribe to the 7-day email course.
Added email subscribe setup in Untalked SEO
  • Content for the 7-day email course is still not completed, in fact, I haven’t started working on it. Still, figuring out the overall layout.
  • As of today, we have created 9 pages (13 if you add homepage, contact, etc.) in total but only 7 pages are indexed in Google. I will let Google automatically index the pages.
Number of indexed pages in Google Search Console
Number of indexed pages in Google Search Console
  • I noticed a few impressions for the keyword “Untalked SEO” in the Google Search Console, I am sure it has either registered mine or Bikash’s search query.
A few impressions in the GSC
A few impressions in the GSC

One person asked how much I am paying the writers and spending on the other things.

No, we’re not outsourcing anything. From all the writings to all the graphic works, everything is being done by us. Here’s the breakdown of the money spent to date:

  • $15 (or maybe $13) for the domain name registration
  • $10 per month for the hosting in a Digital Ocean droplet (aff. link)
  • $0 for writers, graphic designers, or any other expense

So, a total of $25 has been spent by now.

Apart from this, I received an email from an Indie Hackers mod asking me to write a detailed blog post on any SEO-related topic. I am thinking of writing about “SEO Tips for SaaS” which I’ll be finishing in the next few days.

Overall, loving it so far.

You can see the other updates below:

See ya!

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