#8 Building a Blog in Public – Slowing Down a Bit

Hey folks!

It’s the 8th week since I started the challenge of growing a blog in public to 10k monthly visitors by the end of 2022. Since it’s a complete side project and we do not have any plans to make money out of it, we’re slowing everything down temporarily — publishing, outreach, everything.

But that doesn’t mean we quit, the challenge is still on!

Recently, the impressions in Google Search Console have increased considerably and now we have 2.15k impressions.

GSC Impressions and Clicks
GSC Screenshot

The pages that are getting the most impressions are:

Even though we’re not promoting the site anywhere, we’ve still got 4 new subscribers this week making a total of 13 email subscribers. Recently, a few people have shared about Untalked SEO on Twitter and I think that’s the reason for increased email subscribers.

In the last 30 days, there have been 221 users on the site as you can see in the screenshot below.

GA Screenshot
GA Screenshot

I think we will hit the 10k target by publishing a total of 50 high-quality blog posts and guides on the site. Of course, there also will be involved an outreach process with it.

Since there is less time to work on the site and hit the target, now, we will be even more choosy when it comes to the blog topic selection. We need to choose topics that are easier to write and have the potential of bringing more traffic to the site.

I will keep writing these weekly updates though!

That’s it for the week.

You can see other updates below:

See ya!

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