#22 Building a Blog in Public – The Dental SEO Guide is Ready

Hey folks!

It’s the 22nd week since I started the challenge of building and growing Untalked SEO to 10k monthly visitors. The challenge is still on, as I am not at all worried about whether I will be able to hit the goal or not.

With that said, the massive guide that I was writing for the last 2 weeks is ready now. It was about dental SEO.

Dental SEO guide by Untalked SEO

The final draft of the guide is ready, and it is of more than 7900 words, as visible in the above screenshot.

Now, I am busy with taking the required screenshots, creating freebies promised in the guide, and creating infographics to make this dental guide appealing to read.

Apart from that, with every good performing tweet of mine, I gain 4-5 subscriber to the free SEO email course by Untalked SEO. And the interesting thing is, I do not even share the subscribe link and talk about the email course. It’s exciting.

That’s it for this week’s update. I will be publishing the dental SEO guide tomorrow after collecting all the required images.

You can see the other updates below:

See ya!

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