#29 Building a Blog in Public – Towards the Target

Hey folks!

It’s the 29th week since I started the challenge of building UntalkedSEO in public, and it’s going well so far. But it has still just touched the 30% of the targeted traffic as of now, there’s a long way to go.

And to make this target game even more interesting, we are coming up with blog posts targeting low competition yet valuable keywords. In the following weeks, you will see tons of blog posts being posted on the site.

Apart from that, we moved all the programmatic SEO-related posts to untalkedseo.com/programmatic-seo/ and made it like a hub. I believe it’s a lot better than earlier.

That’s it for this week’s update.

You can see other updates below:

See ya!

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2 responses to “#29 Building a Blog in Public – Towards the Target”

  1. What is your traffic now?

    1. Last 30 days, 3200 pageviews.

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