#28 Building a Blog in Public – Creating Checklists & Roadmaps

Hey folks!

It’s the 28th week since I started the challenge of building and growing UntalkedSEO in public. Overall, the growth has been good so far, we’re hitting 25% of the target.

We are planning to go really deep into programmatic SEO. We have already published informative articles covering all the basics of pSEO, but now, there will be high-quality checklists, PDFs, and roadmaps incoming soon.

I posted the first checklist on Twitter and so many people happen to like it.

The next immediate plan is to create a detailed roadmap for programmatic SEO for someone willing to learn everything from scratch. It will be an organized collection of pSEO resources, tools, and tutorials.

That’s it for the week’s update.

You can see other updates below:

See ya!

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