#17 Building a Blog in Public – In-depth Articles about Programmatic SEO

Hey folks!

It’s the 17th week since we started the building and growing the blog in public and everything has been good so far. Even though we have just hit the 6% of the monthly traffic that I am hoping to receive by the end of Dec 2022, I am still hopeful that we will hit.

From the programmatic SEO experiments that I have been doing for a few months, I am learning a lot, and writing about all this a lot too. In a way, I am documenting my pSEO journey on the Untalked SEO blog. I think, currently, the demand for programmatic SEO is not very high but it will be in the future and my blog will probably be one of the main resources to learn about the subject.

All the people blogging should understand this thing — choose a topic that you think has a growth potential and cover all the possible topics/questions/doubts that a user might have related to the topic. I have used this technique on several of my affiliate websites and it works like a charm.

Apart from that, the graph is going upward ever since — there has been no effect of the latest Google update.

GSC impressions graph

And the email subscribers for the 7-day SEO email course are increasing as well, even though I am never sharing it.

So that’s it for this week’s update.

You can see the other updates below:

See ya!

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