#3 Building a Blog in Public – 1st Email Subscriber

Hey folks!

It’s the 3rd week since I started to build an SEO blog in public and it’s been great overall.

Last time I mentioned that only some pages were indexed in Google, that problem has been resolved and now all the pages are properly indexed in Google.

Let’s take a look at the progress so far:

  • One person has subscribed to the 7-day SEO email course, that’s featured on the homepage. We are not actively promoting it as the content for the course is not ready yet.
Untalked SEO Email Subcribers
That 1 subscriber at the top, the last 4 emails are mine and Bikash’s
  • This week, we both were busy with some other stuff so haven’t been able to publish 3 weekly posts as decided. We have only managed to publish 1 post and it’s the longest and most detailed on the site as of now. You can see the post below, I’m sure you will love the format.
  • The site has completed 5 clicks from Google Search and I received an congratulatory email from Google for that. You can see the screenshot below.
Email from Google Search Console
Congratulatory email from Google Search Console
GSC for Untalked SEO
This is how it looked like in the Google Search Console

That’s it for this week.

You can see the other updates below:

See ya!

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