[Daily] 26 Feb 2022; Writing a lot

I, along with Bikash, have started a new blog where we are publishing at least 1 article every day. I am not going to announce the blog’s name as of now but will announce it soon within the next few months. Basically, the idea is that we will be growing a completely new blog from zero to some big numbers in a year as an experiment. There are no plans to monetize it as of now. Let’s see what happens.

For the blog, Bikash does all the detailed research about the topic, puts all the links and resource in Notion and then I would go through them one by one and write. The topics are so well researched that I rarely have to Google for anything extra, everything is in there already.

There’s a lot of writing involved in all this because I am also doing something for my business and tech blog compile.blog, but I am loving everything so far.

Today’s plan is to write 1 article for the new blog and then do some research work for the business and tech blog as well as for other affiliate blogs.

That’s it.

See ya!

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