[Daily] 1 Mar 2022; Growing a new blog

I, along with Bikash, have started a new blog in the SEO niche which I will be growing in public right from zero. The blog is called Untalked SEO which will have SEO guides and case studies from our personal experiences.

To be honest, I have no plans with it as of now. I just want to see where we can take this. For now, here are some plans for the site in the coming months:

  • Write at least 20 high-quality articles every month
  • Start link building outreach from April
  • The main call to action would be to ask people to join the email list
  • Create a detailed SEO Hub covering all the important SEO terms
  • Create detailed guides and case studies of the projects that we have already worked on, like this one

If you ask, why are we doing this if there are no plans for it?

I and Bikash, both are making enough money to survive and we wanted to do something interesting and challenging. We want to see what’s the potential.

As of now, we’re creating a /hub page that contains an explanation of various SEO terms and these will be subpages of the /hub parent page. This means, if we’re writing about backlinks then the page URL would be /hub/backlinks.

Guides and case studies will be posted as a “post” under different categories.

That’s it. Let’s hope for the best.

Learned a new word “oligarch” which defines as:

Russian oligarchs are business oligarchs of the former Soviet republics who rapidly accumulated wealth during the era of Russian privatization in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.


See ya!

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