[Daily] 10 Apr 2022; System for social media posts

Recently, I am loving creating systems for my different projects. I didn’t realize from earlier but using these systems saves me a considerable amount of time every day. It’s unbelievable.

For example, I have created a Notion dashboard for most of my projects for affiliate marketing and for my blogs. Every morning I open the dashboard and immediately know what I have to work on today and without wasting any time, I start working. In fact, now I do more amount of work while working fewer hours.

Yesterday, I decided to create such a system for my social media posts. Wouldn’t it be great if I know from earlier what I have to talk about on Twitter or Reddit today, from earlier? Or say, even though the dashboard is not very detailed, I can still create a simple post ideas pool of the topics I know and from which I can randomly choose any topic to write a social media post about today.

I think it’ll be very efficient in this regard as there won’t be any time wasted in thinking about what I post on Twitter or Reddit today.

I will be creating the social media posts Notion dashboard today and will share after a few days, how it’s going on far.

Earlier, I was writing these daily journals directly inside WordPress but from today, I am typing this whole post inside Obsidian and then will copy-paste everything to WordPress.

I think it’s a better, distraction-free, and more efficient way to do that. Another benefit would be that now I will have 2 copies of these daily public journals.

Today is Sunday, I won’t be doing much but will be getting into some programming thing to make a simple BMI calculator using JavaScript. I want to embed it on one of my health affiliate sites.

Hope everything goes well for today.

See ya!

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