[Daily] 10 Sep 2022; Making SOPs

I realized that, at some point, I will be hiring some folks to help me with all the work that I am currently doing. And if I don’t have a pre-set process for all that, it would be really difficult to train those folks and help them understand what and how everything actually works.

For that, I will be making detailed Standard Operating Procedures that will contain information about how to think, what tools to use, and how to approach the entire thing overall.

Of course, I will be using Notion for all that, as it is better and quicker for these kinds of tasks.

The SOPs would be a simple searchable database where all the small tasks would be listed with their detailed explanation. Let’s say, someone wants to see the whole procedure for adding images to blog posts, he/she will just have to type images and all the SOPs where “images” has been mentioned would appear. Choose the one that they are looking for and all the information would instantly appear.

Cool, isn’t it?

Today, I will be mainly working on creating an even streamlined procedure for the blog content planning service that I am about to start.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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