[Daily] 11 Sep 2022; Unable to focus

I noticed that, nowadays, even though I am working for longer hours, I am unable to focus and be productive as I was a few months ago. Somehow, I get distracted by something that also feels important, and then my focus gets divided.

The most probable reason for this that I could think of is that I am working on too many projects at once. I know, that shouldn’t be a problem if your time is divided and managed properly. But I guess, I am not perfect and managing and dividing my time accordingly.

Anyway, I am trying different things and slightly changing the way I do things, and someday, it results positively. For example, yesterday, I decided that I won’t be discussing any new things the whole day with my colleagues and would be working on the pre-decided tasks. And to my surprise, I was able to finish what I wouldn’t have otherwise.

So, do frequent meetings kill productivity? Well, it turns out to be yes, from my personal experience.

Thereafter, I talked to my colleagues and discussed that, from now on, let’s plan the whole week in advance and then not have meetings the whole week.

We are trying this since yesterday, and hope to get positive results from there.

Today, again, I will be working on the blog content planning service, and let’s see how the day goes.

It’s 9:49 am, and I am feeling super energized and fresh. I have already worked for more than 2 hours and just a few more hours to go.

See ya!

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