[Daily] 12 Apr 2022; Feeling more focused

The more I am focused on doing fewer things these days, the more I love it and the more sense they make to me. I think I am beginning to understand the “basics” of business and marketing and writing and persuasion. Totally love it.

To provide some context of what I am talking about, a while back I created a system, or better to say I am still in the process of creating a system to work and efficiently manage my projects. Also, I ditched a lot of unnecessary things that were not at all helping me in the long run.

And, that makes me even more focused and I am beginning to get a sense of how to take things to the next level. It’s all coming to me, naturally.

These days, I am doing more work while being less stressed and working for fewer hours. What else does someone need from their work-life?

This year (2022) is going to be such an important year for my future. And, writing this daily public journal is one of the great things that I did this year. It only takes me 10-15 minutes to write but it keeps me in the loop and makes me more productive throughout the day.

Apart from that, the war is still going on! We, people who’re not involved or affected by it, seem to have forgotten about it or rather ignoring it and it is sad.

War in Ukraine - Twitter
Source: Twitter

I saw in the news yesterday that tens of thousands of people died in Mariupol, Ukraine in the war. Let me put it into numbers to understand it better — more than 10,000 people have died (which is a serious understatement because tens of thousands may also mean 90,000 or so).

I hope the war ends soon! Very soon!!

Saying it again, a war is never the solution.

Quote on War
Image credit: Unknown

Embedding the image again here so that it makes the readers of this post THINK.


Today, I am all focused on writing at least 3 articles — 2 for affiliate websites and 1 for compile.blog.

Also, will be creating some plans for the coming time.

Hope it goes well!

See ya!

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