[Daily] 12 Jun 2022; Side projects → main projects

It happened to me several times that I started doing something that I thought would keep doing as a side project, but later on, the projects grew unexpectedly that they became the main project.

Why does this happen?

When something starts as a side project, you are not afraid to make changes and take quick decisions to do something. As you are not worried about making changes, you try everything that you can, and that ultimately shows surprising results.

To understand this better, just know that everything in the world is a kind of coincidence, everything happens by luck. But… you increase the chances of being lucky by trying several different things.

Apart from that, I will be writing 1-2 blog posts for Untalked SEO today. The topic is not finalized so I have to find 2 topics that I can write on and then publish by today itself.

From tomorrow, I will be again busy working for the affiliate sites.

I and Bikash have planned that we will only be writing articles for Untalked SEO on weekends.

See ya!

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